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Customer Service Policy

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In fulfilling its mission, Carnegie Public Library strives at all times to provide excellence in customer service. Hospitable, educated and knowledgeable staff members assist patrons in finding the materials and services they want and need. Staff offers services in a fair and professional manner that treats everyone with courtesy and respect and asks for courtesy and respect in return.


1. Library staff will treat every patron with equal respect and every request with equal importance.

2. Courtesy and attention to the needs of the library user will be the key to all interactions. Staff will try to be flexible in meeting library patrons' needs. Whenever possible, judgment calls will be made in the patrons' favor.

3. Skilled staff will use their knowledge of library resources to fulfill requests in a timely manner or else present alternatives when requests cannot be met immediately.

4. Staff members are expected to act in a friendly, helpful manner which will ensure that the patron will walk away feeling that their experience with the Library has been a positive one.

5. Library policies and procedures exist to make library resources available on an equitable basis: If a patron questions a policy or if the purpose of a policy is not understood, staff should provide an explanation or else refer the patron to the library’s Policy and Procedure book.  Staff recognizes the need to enforce policies and procedures and that some patrons may find this disagreeable. Staff will be patient, respectful and helpful even when being firm about library rules.

6. All interactions and transactions between a library patron or group of patrons and the Library will be considered confidential and will be discussed only in a professional context.

7. Library staff will seek to meet library patrons' expectations for service in fulfilling the library's mission. Any comments are welcome regarding how well those expectations are being met.

8. The Library supports high standards of customer service through a plan of employee training, leadership development and opportunities for customer input.

9. During interactions with library staff, patrons can expect to:

          Be acknowledged appropriately

          Be treated courteously and respectfully

          Be valued for their input

          Receive the same high standard of service regardless of age, race,    ethnicity, religion, gender, physical limitations, or other criteria

          Receive prompt and timely service

          Receive knowledgeable service and professionalism from all staff

          Have their privacy and confidentiality respected