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Gifts Policy

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Carnegie Public Library believes that private initiative has an important role in extending and enriching the services of the library. The Library Board establishes this policy to set guidelines for accepting gifts.



1. Conditions under which gifts will be accepted:

Gifts for the library should be of such nature that usage of them falls within the Mission Statement of the Library.

Gifts should be viewed as an addition or supplement to, not a reduction of, the operating budget of the library.

Staff will routinely determine if gifts are acceptable under this policy. The Board will routinely vote approval on grants      from the Trinidad Library Foundation or other sources. Gifts resulting in ongoing costs to the institution such as staffing or special maintenance will require special Board approval for acceptance.

Gifts should be complete and may be refused if the expenditure of library funds is necessary to make the gift item usable.

 Gifts of cash, real property, stocks, trusts, etc. will be accepted. Such resources may be used to purchase materials in keeping with the library's collection development plan, or to provide services in keeping with the library's mission. The purchase of specifically identified titles with such funds cannot be guaranteed, nor does the donor have the right of approval of titles before purchase. However, donors are encouraged to recommend subject areas.

Depending on the wishes of the donors, some donations may be referred to the Carnegie Library Foundation, the Friends of Carnegie Library or the History Room. The Library Board may pay or transfer any gift, bequest, devise, or endowment, or its proceeds, to the City of Trinidad; or the Board may pay or transfer the gift, bequest, devise or endowment to the Trinidad Carnegie Library Foundation or the Friends of the Trinidad Carnegie Library.

Gifts of art objects, personal property, etc will be accepted if such items have a use in the library. If an item can not be used, the library reserves the right to sell the item and use the proceeds of the sale for purposes in keeping with the Library's Mission Statement. Books or other library materials will also be accepted with the understanding that the material may or may not be added to the collection.


2. Disposal of gifts:

The library reserves the right at all times to dispose of any gift without notification to the donor, if in the judgment of the staff, such item no longer serves the purposes of the library.

3. Recognition of gifts:

Library bookplates may be placed in any library materials purchased with gift funds, format permitting.

Recognition of gifts may be made through the library's newsletter; Major donations may also be announced in the local newspaper.

Letters of appreciation or thank-you notes.

                                          --adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, January 11, 2010.


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