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Security Policy

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To maintain a safe and secure environment for the Library staff and the public.



1. Inappropriate behavior will be addressed with a response proportionate to the severity of the behavior.

2. Enforcement of this policy is the responsibility of all Library staff.

          a. All staff members are expected to deal with problems they encounter.

          b. Any staff member has the right to ask others for assistance and should provide assistance when requested.

          c. Any staff member may contact the Trinidad Police Department at any time to preserve his or her own safety, the safety of Library users or for assistance in enforcing policy and preserving the library environment as defined by the policies adopted by the Library Board of Trustees.

          d. Library staff who have acted in their best judgment in confronting a person on violations of policies and rules will be supported by the Director

4. Response to problems:

          a. Any staff member observing serious criminal behavior, such as assault, robbery, child pornography, child endangerment, etc. should contact Trinidad Police Department immediately, followed by contacting the Director.

          b. While evictions from the library are covered under 5.c. below, the Library Board delegates authority to ban people from the Library for an extended period of time to the Director.  Individuals may be banned for a limited time, indefinitely pending some specified legal condition, or permanently. The length of the ban will depend on the following factors, as applicable, though other factors may be relevant in specific cases:

                   i. Severity of offense

                   ii. Repeated offenses

                   iii. Likelihood of possible continued offenses

                   iv. Safety of staff and patrons

          c. When an individual is banned, that person and the police will be notified, and the information will be made available to Library staff. Should a banned individual return to the library in violation of the ban, staff should contact the police.

          d. Any staff member may issue a verbal warning. Any staff member may evict a patron for violations of library rules or policies. Eviction will generally be from the library as a whole, not just an area, and is generally for the balance of the day. In the case of juvenile patrons, staff may contact their parents or guardians.

          e. Any staff member is authorized to request identification from library users as necessary and appropriate for safety and security, or when library rules have been violated. Refusal to identify oneself under these circumstances may be grounds for contacting the police..


5. Classes of behavior and responses:

          a. Class 1 - serious danger or overt criminal behavior, including but not limited to:

                   i. fighting or combative behavior

                   ii. alcohol or drug intoxication

                   iii. possession of weapons

                   iv. exhibitionism

                   v. inappropriate, overt, unwelcome sexual behavior

                   vi. threats

                   vii. refusal to leave when asked

                   viii. physical abuse

                   ix. stalking

                   x. possession of alcohol, except as part of an approved program

                   xi. possesion of illegal drugs

                   xii. child pornography

                   xiii. theft, including theft of library materials

                   xiv. vandalism

Staff response will usually include calling the police and eviction and/or banning.

          b. Class 2 - potentially serious, including:

                   i. verbal abuse of staff or other patrons

                   ii. loitering in a manner that interferes with others

                   iii. excessively emotional, hostile, threatening or uncontrolled behavior

                   iv. use of loud profanity, obscenity or obscene gestures

                   v. intentional entry into restricted areas of the building

                   vi. panhandling

                   vii. intrusive behavior, including staring at or following staff or patrons with the intent to annoy, harass them, violate privacy, or interfere with staff performance of duties or patrons use of the library Staff response will vary according to the severity of the disruption or threat, ranging from a warning through calling the police to immediate eviction and/or banning.

          c. Class 3 - annoying or disruptive, including:

                   i. Bodily hygiene which is so offensive that it is a nuisance to patrons and staff.

                   ii. loudness and/or talking in monologues

                   iii. monopolizing the time of Library staff

                   iv. inappropriate public displays of affection

                   v. blocking the Library entry or sidewalk in front of the building

                   vi. loud profanity or obscenity in front of the building or in the parking lot

                   vii. other violations of the Rules of Conduct Policy

Staff response will vary according to the severity of the disruption, ranging from tolerance to warning. In severe or repeated cases, eviction, calling the Police or banning may follow.


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