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The History Room at CPL is an information rich resource for patrons, residents, and history enthusiasts. In order to preserve and protect important historical documents for future generations, as well as provide the best possible service, we ask that you please make an appointment to use the room by contacting the library ahead of time. You may make up to 3 appointments in one week. Please give at least 1 day advance notice for scheduling an appointment. Appointments are for 2 hours. If you are from out of town, do not wish, or are otherwise unable to make an appointment, you may choose to submit a request for research to be completed for you for a small fee.

We ask that you please be respectful of the room and its contents: Please check in at the front desk and do not remove anything from the history room without permission. If you need help with any books or equipment, do not hesitate to ask a staff member. The red lockers are intended for patron use for backpacks, purses, etc; ask if you need to borrow a lock. Please contact the library for a complete copy of the History Room policy and regulations.

Do you have a research request, and live out of the area? Send a detailed e-mail to trinidadpubliclibrary@gmail.com or call 719-846-6841

Certain historical resources are available online:

Click here for certain online copies of Polk City Directories

History Colorado

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