Download e-books & more with OverDrive

Click here to access Overdrive from your computer.

Basic Instructions below. Feel free to call or stop by the library for one-on-one assistance with your device.

For new Kindles, You only need 1 app, Overdrive. For iPads or other tablets or smart phones, you may want 2 apps- The Kindle reader app, and Overdrive.

1) Download the Overdrive app by going to your app store.  Its free!

2) Familiarize yourself with the Overdrive app.  (It gives you a brief  “how to”)

3) Because Overdrive is a national vendor it doesn’t yet know which library you  belong to. Search “Across Colorado Digital Consortium” (That’s us!) Be sure to “star” it once you pull it up!

4) Go to the menu in the upper left corner. You will see “Across Colorado Digital Consortium” has been added! Good job! Next, select it to browse for books.

5)  Pick a book that you want to download by browsing, or selecting the search icon to look for a specific title.  The black book icon in the corner of the cover photo means a book is available for immediate download.  If the icon is shaded, or gray, you must place a hold on that title.

6) Here, you will need to sign in with your library card number. Your library card number is located on the back of your card, under the barcode. It begins with “2121.”

7) After the item is checked out to you, select a format  to download the item to your device . A title will be available  in “EPUB” format, “Kindle Book” format, or both. If you have not added the Kindle App yet and you are not using a Kindle device, and your book is ONLY available in “Kindle Book” format, this would be a good time to download the Kindle App. It is also free, however it requires an Amazon account. The benefit to having both apps?  More books!  (it is not necessary, however.)

8) Select the format you wish to download. If you have a Kindle device, select “Kindle Book.”  If you do not have a Kindle device, select the EPUB format. Did you select “Kindle Book?” Cool! Your  title will be available in your carousel after you verify your Amazon account. Did you select “EPUB?” Nice! It will be available in your Overdrive app, on your bookshelf. Access your bookshelf by going to your menu in the upper left corner.

Contact us if you have any questions, or see the frequently asked questions below.


Will my library account accrue fines if the item is late?

No! The book will expire when the loan period is up without penalty. However, it is courteous to return a book early so that someone else can have access. The process for this varies from device to device, but typically, if you touch and hold the item in your bookshelf (in the Overdrive app or otherwise) a delete and return button will appear.

Why can’t I find what I am looking for?

Some publishers have not entered the “e-space.” If you are looking for something by one of these publishers it might be unavailable. Additionally, while the library tries to provide as wide an array of books as possible, some book purchases can be expensive, and are limited by budget.

I don’t have my device with me. Can I add books remotely?

Do you have access to a computer with an internet connection? If so, then yes, you can add books from a public computer (for instance) and find them on your device at home. Click here to be directed to Overdrive if you are on a computer. This only works if you have Wi-Fi at home to sync your device.

Do I have to be connected to the internet to access my materials?

No! However you do have to be connected to the internet to download them. Once they have been added to your device, they are there, with or without internet. Feel free to take your e-books on your road trip!







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