Materials Selection Policy

The Carnegie Public Library selects materials and develops collections in many different formats to provide residents with a wide range of informational, recreational and educational resources. The library will acquire materials reflecting the full diversity of points of view on topics of interest to the public.

The Materials Selection Policy establishes policies governing the acquisition and retention of print and non-print library materials available to the public in the library.

The major goals of the Carnegie Public Library are to select, acquire, organize, circulate and promote the use of a broad range of communication materials and services that are provided:

  • To meet the individual’s changing needs for information
  • To help the individual’s self-development through life-long intellectual and cultural growth.
  • To encourage the use of library materials, services and programs.
  • To provide the means for thoughtful and productive participation by individuals and groups in the affairs of the community, the nation and the world.
  • To support the educational, governmental, cultural, recreational and economic activities within the community.
  • To foster productive diversity.
  • To accommodate the library needs of a changing and dynamic community and to sustain the principles embodied in the Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read and Freedom to View Statements, as enunciated by the American Library Association.

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